I woke up this morning to a bright sun and the promise of warmer temps.  And thought, “Ugh. The beach parking lots are closed. I can’t really go anywhere. I’m tired of thinking about wearing a mask everywhere I go.” And continued to gripe a bit. Suddenly a wave of gratefulness showered over me, “I have a roof over my head.  I have clothes, food. I have have my family and decent health. I have my faith. I have a community. I have the technical savviness to use technology so i’m not isolated. I have a car and I can buy gas.  I have the brawns and the brains to weather the storm.

These times are showing me that Westvyne has gotten a few things right over the years.  With the amount of uncertainty swirling around, I wondered if our client base would call or disappear.  I knew we had spent 10 years cementing a strong foundation, providing good solid work, and offering fresh ideas.  However, I still wasn’t sure whether we had reinforced enough trust and respect for our clients to talk to us. Well guess what?  They’re reaching out.

I’m not sure I do this justice, but the pride I’ve felt this past month when I answered the phone and heard, “Hey Michele, this is John.  Do you have time to talk?” I feel the goosebumps flush over my shoulders, up my next and I’m overcome with, YES!…I really mean something to him.

Like the client who wanted to promote a new service RIGHT AWAY because of its timeliness. Or another who discovered that they needed advice on how to create a podcast because their in-person event had just been cancelled. And another who wanted to refresh their website.

Talking with clients, colleagues, friends and family has been a jolt of unexpected inspiration.  Normally, my inclination would’ve been to spin oh-so-slightly out of control on the inside. I admit it, I’m a bit of a worrywart but I feel this resolve, this calmness when my intentions and mind are focused on helping my clients, my colleagues, my family through a difficult time.  I get off the phone or Zoom feeling…energized. Even a bit WOW!

Though it’s a hectic time, I’m smiling inside.  Why? I think I’m actually engaging more now than before.  I mean, I hear my inside voice say, “Have you heard from ???. Call them. Did you send that card to ???”

There are many reports speculating on when it will be safe to mix-n-mingle.  I for one will welcome its return as I’m discovering i’m not as much of an introvert as I thought.  However, in the meantime, I thank my lucky stars Mediavine now Westvyne was the child of the best laid plans ten years ago. It was destiny to trust my instincts when I first stepped outside my comfort zone. For knowing, Westvyne is only as good as its weakest link.  And its weakest link is solid titanium.

If you are looking for ways to engage and meet other business practitioners, you are welcome to join me at Caffeinated Connections every Tuesday morning at 7:30AM PDT. Sign up at www.caffeinatedconnections.com.  I would love to hear from you.

We are here to help you navigate your way through this unpredictable storm.  Whether you’re concerned about your marketing program, wanting to create one so your audience doesn’t forget you or just want to talk to someone who is also weathering this storm, call us.  Don’t be shy.

I will leave you with this. Like a storm, it may overwhelm us where we think we can’t cope, but the storm does subside.  And when the clouds part, as the sun shines through and kisses your cheek, we are left with what we need to rebuild.  We use what is in front of us. Our brawn and brain to make it better, stronger, more beautiful, more captivating, more than we thought possible.  Weathering a storm for me, means it’s my choice to make a positive impact. Building something better is a choice. And as my Dad whispered so many times, “Happiness is a choice.”