3 reasons why your blog should be located on your website simplify social media mediavine marketingIf you are like many business owners, the idea that you should be blogging came after you spent a bunch of money on your website.  So you figure that you can just start a blog on one of the free blogging sites and link it to your website.  That should be good enough, right?  Wrong.

Here are 3 reasons why your blog should be on your website:

Drive customers to your main digital property:  If you are using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. to announce and post links to your latest blogs, you should be driving that traffic to your main website so that people can check out your company’s products and services.  Your blog posts should come from the place that represents your company.  Also, it may be tough to brand one of the template sites to look like your own website. 

Enhance your SEO (Search Engine Optimization):  When your blog is located on your website, any traffic to the blog goes to your website.  This can help your search engine ranking.  Also, updating your blog gives your website fresh content, which is something that the search engines like to see.  Having a blog on your site does not guarantee great search engine rankings, especially if you don’t blog much or use platforms such as Facebook or Twitter to send out links to your posts.  However, some fresh content and some traffic is usually better than nothing.

You are at the mercy of the blogging site.  When you put your content on someone else’s site, you could risk losing everything if they fold, get shut down or change their policies.  Why trust another website with all of your good content?

Talk with your website developer about including a blog on your website (we prefer the WordPress Content Management System).  It is also a great idea to think about converting your main website to a WordPress site because you can then update and edit much of the content on the website yourself.   Good web developers can make a WordPress site look like a “regular” website.