you don't use the yellow pages so why would your customers mediavine marketingI recently came across a couple of great posts by Jeff Bullas in which he shares compelling questions and information he uses to convince CEO’s about the efficacy of social media marketing.

A few of the questions that he poses to these social media skeptics highlight the changing behaviors of the general public when it comes to searching for and evaluating products and services:

In the last few months have you either professionally or personally…

1. Answered or responded to a direct mail letter or brochure? (Current research shows only 3{a1e4dbad5b5db674abcd08880e44cddfd507140ecbeb8646296ad08a1acb49a4} have responded to those types of marketing)

2. Did you follow up on a mainstream media advertisment on TV, Radio, Newspaper or Magazine? (22{a1e4dbad5b5db674abcd08880e44cddfd507140ecbeb8646296ad08a1acb49a4})

3. Did you use the Yellow Pages to look up a company to buy a product? (3{a1e4dbad5b5db674abcd08880e44cddfd507140ecbeb8646296ad08a1acb49a4})

4. Did you use Google or other online methods when looking to purchase a product or service? (97{a1e4dbad5b5db674abcd08880e44cddfd507140ecbeb8646296ad08a1acb49a4})

5. Did you use your online network via Facebook, Instant Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn or other Social Media to get a URL to a website for a product that you were looking to buy? (80{a1e4dbad5b5db674abcd08880e44cddfd507140ecbeb8646296ad08a1acb49a4})

And the “clincher” question…

6. So why are you still using marketing for your company that you yourself have not used?

We all know that it is hard to break long-established patterns of practice, especially when faced with an alternative that’s new and seems to be ever-changing.  The good ol’ Yellow Pages and postcards have been around for a very long time and are easy to implement in the marketing plan. 

It may be a long time before we finally see the death of the Yellow Pages. Direct mail is still very common (and apparently has seen a bit of a comeback). But both professional and anecdotal evidence has shown that we are using and responding to these forms of marketing less and less. And we are going online more and more to look at reviews, find local products and services, and ask our networks about their experiences and advice. Yes, using online and social media marketing for your business can be time-consuming, confusing and difficult to measure. 

But you have to ask yourself- are your habits so very different from your customers’?

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