Twitter recently announced that they are making a couple of changes to that will enhance your experience.

Their first new feature is all about you.  When it’s added to your account, you’ll be able click on the new tab (@username, replacing @Mentions) and see which of your tweets have become Favorites, retweets or tweets directed at you.  You will also see your newest followers.

twitter mentions and more mediavine marketing

Twitter’s second new feature is a tab called Activity that focuses on your followers.  The Activity section highlights the latest Favorites, retweets and follows by your followers.  This allows you to see information about your followers and what they are doing in one location.  You are also able to quickly follow the accounts your followers just followed (got that?).

twitter activity screen shot mediavine marketing

Twitter is slowly rolling out these new features, so if you haven’t gotten them yet, you will soon.

What do you think about these new features?  Will they entice some of you to go back and use rather than Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, etc.?