Tweet Repeat Westvyne MarketingMany people get confused with the general etiquette of Twitter and how many times they can send a tweet out that links to the same content.  Some people tweet the content once and then resign it to the archives- never to be seen again. Other people send tweets out and end up being labeled as a spammer.  So, what are the general rules regarding tweeting frequency for the same content? 

Never Tweet Your Content Just Once.

Most people do not have the time to sit there and read through the timeline of thousands of people that they are following. If you tweet your content just once then you can be sure that the majority of your followers have missed it. Remember that some of us follow thousands of people and will never be able to see every tweet that comes our way.   Unless someone is only following a couple of people, very few will notice that you have sent out the same message several times.  In your own family, how many times do you have to repeat yourself until you are heard? 

Can You Tweet Old Content?

The answer is yes- if the content is still relevant to your niche and market. Take a look through your old content, such as blogs and articles. If you feel that you had a successful and valuable piece of content that deserves to be highlighted, then by all means tweet it again.  You’ll catch the ones who missed it the first time around.  You have probably even gained followers since then, right? 

Repeat Tweets for Your Friends in Different Time Zones

One reason you should never tweet your content just once is because you are automatically losing all those followers who are a different time zone to you. They are fast asleep in bed while you are getting active on Twitter. Of course, you do not want to set your alarm to wake up in the middle of the night just to send out a tweet.  One way to deal with this is to schedule your tweets using an external program.  Scheduling tools that you can use include or, to name just a couple. 

Get Into a Schedule

Twitter is enormously fickle in that if you don’t show up to the party, people will forget about you. Instead of using Twitter for 3 hours once a week, get into the habit of logging in for a few minutes every day. This constantly reinforces your profile within your niche and lets your followers know that you are an active participant. Using a scheduling tool like the ones mentioned above will allow you set up several tweets at the same time while spacing them throughout the day. 

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