Simplifying Social Media: Get FocusedYou’ve got the Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. You’re getting followers, friends, fans, connections. You’re tweeting, posting, and updating like a crazy person. It’s taking up more and more of your time, but you’re not sure if it’s helping your business, or… just taking up more time.

Pause. Take a deep breath and…simplify.

Get clear about why you’re on social media. Sure, most of us want to get more business and make more money. But, why are you really using social media as opposed to more traditional marketing methods?

To use social media effectively, you must become laser-focused about your brand message and your target audience. You must also understand your unique selling proposition. Yes, this sounds like marketing blah blah blah. But being focused about your brand message is even more important in social media than in traditional marketing. Why? Because without a clear focus, social media has the potential to become a huge, ineffective time sucker.

In the overwhelming world of social media, one word describes the feeling most people get when they get clear about their brand, target audience and unique selling proposition.


All of the noise fades away.