Simplifying Social Media Westvyne MarketingIn social media, nobody cares about your products or services…until they care about you

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they jump into using social media to promote their businesses is having the expectation of, “If I say it, they will come.” They think that social media is the holy grail of marketing and that people should be clamoring to buy from them if they send out a few messages. But social media is all about being… social. Just as in real life, people feel most comfortable buying from someone they know and trust. As a business owner, you have to earn that trust on social media as well.

How do you earn trust on social media? By acting as if you were standing in front of your potential customer. Listening and interaction are key. When you enter the social media space, just as you enter into a networking event, take time to listen to people. Find out about who they are and what makes them tick. Make positive comments about what people say, ask good questions, give pats on the back and always keep in mind that creating your own advocates in social media takes time, effort, and a lot of positive energy