prezi logoIf you make quite a few presentations like I do, your old stand-by has been PowerPoint. Of course, everyone says that a presentation isn’t about the PowerPoint, it’s about the presenter and the information. That is true, but in this day of YouTube and Instragram, PowerPoint just doesn’t have that WOW factor anymore.

So now we have Prezi ( Prezi is web-based (cloud) software that allows you to design an interactive presentation, easily including images and video with an impact that you have to see for yourself. “Prezis”, as they are called, combine embedded media such as images, video and audio with text, color and movement to create a dynamic and interesting presentation experience. The zoomable in-and-out canvas provides the potential to keep most of your audience awake and engaged.

Like any tool, Prezi is what you make of it. Just as there are “bad” PowerPoint presentations, I am certain that there can be “bad” Prezis.

The Prezi website has several demos that are fun to explore and see the possibilities.  Just what exactly Prezi is and isn’t is hard to describe in words, so have a look.

This video, which is a recorded Prezi, provides a great overview.