Are you overwhelmed with everything you feel you must do on a daily basis in order to accomplish your social media goals?  You know you aren’t alone.  We meet people in our training classes or consulting sessions who spend hours on social media and less on their businesses, or others who feel so overwhelmed that they do nothing in social media at all. 

Many people say that they use LinkedIn to gain visibility and find new connections and business.  If that’s your situation, then here are 3 things you can do every day that will help you accomplish your goals.

1. Update your status every day.  That’s the section where you can post an update, which is located underneath your photo and headline on the Profile page.  Take a few minutes each day and post a short comment and link to an article, blog, upcoming event, book.  Post a helpful quote. Share news of your business. Better yet, if you’re already posting items like these to Twitter, add a #in to your tweet and your status will automatically be updated (as long as you have linked your Twitter account with your LinkedIn account).  When you update your status every day, people who are checking in to the network activity on their Home page may see your update and check you out a bit more.  I noticed a big increase in views of my profile, and resulting email inquiries, when I started doing this on a regular basis. 

2.  Take 5 minutes on your Home page and scan the Updates of your connections.  Choose a few of those updates to “like” or even leave a comment on them.  Your connections will see your activity and remember that you are around.  This is also a great opportunity to remind yourself about your connections and see what you might be able to do to help them. 

3. Check in with one or two of your groups.  Again, comment on or “like” posts from group members.  Also, scan to see if there are any new members that are not connected with you and consider inviting them into your network.  Having a group connection is a great way to make new connections; people are generally more open to accepting your invite if they see a group in common.  It also helps if you personalize your invitation. 

There are certainly additional things you can do in LinkedIn on a regular basis, but if you are pressed for time, these 3 activities will keep you out front.