how to brand yourself simplified mediavine marketingEvery successful entrepreneur has had to put some focus on building the brand of the company so that people can easily identify what the company does and how to get in touch when the time is right to purchase.  We have evolved (or devolved, according to some) to a state in which consumers are looking to connect directly with entrepreneurs and companies and hear their stories. These days, it’s not just about what your company does, but your purpose and vision in starting and sustaining the business. The proliferations of blogs, Facebook and Twitter have enabled entrepreneurs to connect directly with their audience and build relationships on a global scale. Entrepreneurs are now often expected to become the brand. 

Here are some things you can do to become the brand:

1. Learn a lot about, and then share about, something that relates to your business.
Entrepreneurs who are working on building their businesses should focus on becoming an expert in their field. That’s probably the easy part, because most likely you wouldn’t be in the field if you weren’t intensely interested in at least some aspect of it.  The tougher part for many entrepreneurs is the sharing; however, sharing (through blogging and article writing, posting and tweeting) is becoming more essential.  If you have a tough time writing, find someone who can ghost write for you. 

2. Develop a website or blog, Facebook page and Twitter account under your full name.
Your customers and potential customers both use search engines to research you, connect with you and potentially either do business with you. That’s why it’s a good idea to purchase your full name as a domain name. By developing a website or a blog under your domain name, you will own the first result for your name in Google and other search engines. Also, even if your business already has a Twitter account and Facebook business page, it’s always a great idea to establish personal accounts that display who you are.  Claim your name (if at all possible) and dominate your digital presence.

3. Generate brand awareness through networking.
You should be connecting with other entrepreneurs by using social networks and commenting on and bookmarking other people’s blogs. Networking is one of the best ways to become known in your industry. By forming relationships with people in your audience, you can grow your business and your brand long-term.  It becomes a mutual thing; entrepreneurs in complementary fields can refer a lot of business to each other. 

What other activities have you seen entrepreneurs do in order to build their brands?