Get more mileage from LinkedIn with groups 2 Westvyne MarketingIf you feel like you are not getting much use out of LinkedIn, it may be because you are missing out on participating in some of the thousands of available groups. In many ways, creating a profile on LinkedIn but avoiding the groups would be like showing up and walking around at a big networking event with business cards and a nametag and then leaving without talking to anyone.

Groups can be important to your LinkedIn experience because they allow you to the opportunity to connect with new people and develop relationships that can lead to even more connections and new business.  Many people are more apt to connect with others if they share a common group membership.  Groups are also great because you have an opportunity to learn from others in your area of expertise or interest. You can ask questions, answer questions, share your expertise and knowledge, read news articles and blogs, and find out about events, seminars and webinars. Many groups, such as the Linked Local West Suburban Chicago group, hold their own real-life networking events so that its members can strengthen the relationships built on LinkedIn.

Thinking strategically about the groups you join is a smart move.  The groups you join don’t have to be strictly business-oriented.  If you like Ford Mustangs, for instance, there is a Mustang group (or two) for you.  In fact, a financial advisor who is passionate about Mustangs can probably do more business and relationship-building with other Mustang enthusiasts than in a group of mostly financial advisors. If you’re the only Mustang-loving financial advisor, you’ll stand out. Putting some thought into the groups you join can make all the difference in your business development activities.

In order to find groups to join on LinkedIn, go to the search bar on the top right (pictured below) and enter in your search terms.  You may be surprised at what you find.  LinkedIn also will suggest groups that you may like based on your profile information.

Get more mileage from LinkedIn with groups Westvyne Marketing 

A good rule of thumb is to join groups that have at least 100 members so that there is regular activity.  You can also create your own group if you wish, but it’s probably a good idea to become active in a couple first so that you know what being a group owner and manager entails. 

At this point, LinkedIn allows individuals to join up to 50 groups and 50 sub-groups. Joining at least a handful of groups and contributing to them on a regular basis can really expand your network. If you aren’t taking advantage of the power of LinkedIn groups, start now. With close to 1 million of them, you should be able to find at least a couple that meet your needs.