Sunday at Westvyne MarketingYou’ve wrapped up another long week. You’ve addressed the varied and pressing needs of several customers, met with your staff to delegate, decide and decompress. Now you’re at home resting, relaxing and recharging your batteries. Perhaps you are checking in with family and friends on Facebook, too? So are your customers. All…weekend…long. Know when they’re most likely to engage, though? It’s the one day of the week most businesses don’t dare think to interact.

Ahhh, Sunday. While universally understood to be a day of rest, and prized for the precious hours it affords before going back to work, Sunday is actually the best and most underutilized day of the week to engage your customer base! A Buddy Media study found that fan engagement skyrockets on Sunday, but posts from businesses only account for five percent of all posts.

So, while scooping up the last of the mashed potatoes and carrots with your pot roast sounds infinitely more appealing than adding office hours to your Sunday schedule, it may be worth your while to bring the meat and potatoes to Facebook on a Sunday, so you can scoop up a great big helping of visibility! You were probably going to check in for a moment or an hour anyhow…right?

Remember, just because you may decide to hone in on Sunday’s low hanging Facebook fruit doesn’t mean you have to forego any of your regular programming, projects or pampering. Your time, as well as your social media timing, is valuable and should be held dear.

Here’s what you need to do: Exercise a slight increase in strategic thinking during the workweek and prepare something in advance for Sunday. Word of advice: Be on the lookout for real-time, really-talked-about events you can cash in on, as well as breaking news that may affect your industry or make your pre-planned post irrelevant, terribly outdated or even grossly inappropriate (i.e. promoting a “deluge” of savings after a major disaster such as the tsunami in Japan). Nothing will lose you fans and respect faster than not appearing to be cognizant of the human condition, especially that of the humans that comprise your audience.

Whether or not you manage the “Sunday post” or entrust those duties to an industrious employee, intern or freelancer, you’ll soon be managing a greater response than you can imagine. Sunday is here…ready, aim, post!