April showers bring May… cleaning!  You might be thinking about sprucing up around the office and the home right now. (And, if you are really a go-getter, you might have actually started!) Well, have you thought about the intensive cleaning your social media hubs require?  That’s right. Your social media channels leave piles alllllll over the place that need to be synthesized and organized. Collectively, you may have a real need for a social media home makeover…or worse, maybe you have a social media hoarding problem!

You have already learned that social media requires constant grooming and attention to keep the interaction happening, but you also need to take stock of your complete profile once in a while, “keeping house” to make sure you are maintaining an environment that is pleasing to your visitors, or “house guests.”

Do you have a social media maid? If you don’t have time to pick up after yourself, you might consider hiring someone to at least provide a light dusting, from time to time. If you are the take-charge, do-it-yourself kind, here’s some quick advice on clearing the clutter: Remember these three R’s: Remove, Recycle, Renew.

Remove – There’s no reason you can’t shake things up now and again when it comes to content or design of your profiles, as long as you don’t change any fundamentals that have been key to your success.

Recycle – You can always return to a previous line of thought, especially if it’s timely. A thought you had in the third grade could be of value now. Heck, your memories are precious, personal and perfect fodder for posts sometimes. Dig deep and don’t be afraid. As they say, “everything old is new again.” NOTE: Use recycling sparingly though. You don’t want to become old and tired.

Renew – Maybe your fondest memories aren’t sparking a lot of buzz. Maybe that third grade epiphany was too ahead of its time. Consider a different direction. Try a couple of new approaches and use them consistently for a month. Compare results month to month and see what worked best in the least amount of time.

After all of that RR&R (not to be confused with R&R—not that it isn’t totally relaxing to have your social media in order), you may be asking yourself: “How do I keep my social media from dragging out all of its toys and making a mess again?” Well, you may not want to hire a maid, but you can sure call a babysitter! Here are a few popular social media services that aggregate your social media profiles, giving you one spot to manage, monitor, measure and move forward: