a social media checklist for your small business mediavine marketingSmall businesses often have limited resources, so they’re looking for more cost-effective ways to build awareness, expand market share, and improve customer loyalty. Although the actual dollars to use social media may be lower than some other forms of advertising, social media is by no means “free” if done well, so it is critical to get involved in a way that’s consistent, smart and creative.

Here is a checklist you can use to determine if you’re on the right track:

Presenting your brand consistently. Does your brand look the same everywhere? Are you consistently using the same logo, coloring, taglines, and messages? Does your digital presence sync with your website?

Targeting the right people. Are you focusing on your company’s most ideal customers? Have you determined where they “hang out” online? Is information about their social media activities something you have considered and made adjustments to accommodate?

Sharing helpful information. Are you providing information that you know your customers and potential customers find useful? Are you creating your own content that will entice people to your website or wherever you want them to go? Does your content position your company as an expert in your area?

Planning strategically. Do you discuss your social media strategies and tactics with the other people involved in your company? When planning out your marketing activities for a period of time, do you consider how your offline and online activities can work together?

Listening. Are you listening as well as broadcasting (promoting/advertising)? Are you keeping in touch with what your customers are saying about what concerns them? Sometimes what people say online is not what they might say to you or your staff in person.

Socializing. Do you do as much or more socializing as you do broadcasting? Do you make time to interact with others in a non-promotional way?

Making your content “findable. Do you use search terms and keywords in your content that are more likely to help your content be found online? Have you thought much about what phrases or terms people use to find your products and services? If you’re a local business, are you including your location in your profiles and accounts?

Staying consistent. Do you have social media engagement built into either your schedule or the schedule of someone involved with your company?

Seeking out the expertise of others. Are you bookmarking or subscribing to helpful blogs and email newsletters about social media? Have you been talking with other business owners or social media specialists to keep current and informed?

How did you do with the checklist? Are there any areas that you’re missing right now? If you’re like most small businesses, the answer is most likely “yes”. The good news is that there is a wealth of help and information out there. Take advantage of it and see where the added exposure and interaction can lead.