Did you know there’s a feature available on LinkedIn company pages that most large companies such as Dell and Microsoft use, but small businesses rarely do?  LinkedIn calls this feature a “Product and Service Spotlight” – a 3-panel slideshow that you can customize and link to your website or other landing pages.  Your small business can distinguish itself by creating a slideshow that highlights your products and services visually.  Microsoft’s 3-slide spotlight, below, highlights the company’s technology support, Office 2010 and web apps.

LinkedIn Company Page Spotlight

Microsoft's LinkedIn Company Page Product and Service Spotlight

As long as you can create images (640 x 220 pixels in size), you can create your own spotlight.

Here are the steps to adding a spotlight to your company page:

1. On your LinkedIn company overview page, click on the Product & Services tab in the top navigation.  (If your company page contains only Products and/or Services, you may see only Products or Services in that tab.  Note that Microsoft has a Products only tab, above).

LinkedIn Company page product and services tab

2. Click on the Admin tools button on the far right and select Edit.  

3. Go to Step 3: Market and showcase your company with up to 3 images.  Add up to 3 images (640×220 pixels) with corresponding URLs, and LinkedIn will create a rotating spotlight module to display on your page. The URLs you match with the images should take visitors to the web pages that contain more information about what’s highlighted in the images.  Many companies use these images as calls to action, such as in the Microsoft example above.

By the way, the rotating spotlight is manual, meaning the user has to click on the arrows on the top right to go to the next screen.  Because of this, choose your first image wisely.  We hope that LinkedIn will make this an automatically rotating slideshow in the future.

A couple of other examples of company pages with the rotating spotlight are:



Most small businesses (and many large businesses) haven’t taken advantage of this feature, so you will be able to stand out with a few simple steps.  We’ve noticed better engagement with our services listings since we added the spotlight to our company page.