6 Simple Ways to Gain Facebook Fans Westvyne MarketingSo you’ve built your Facebook business page and you’ve been waiting for the fans to “like” your page in droves. However, as with many small businesses, you may have noticed that Facebook fans do not usually materialize overnight.  Below are some ways to increase your fan base. 

Use Facebook with Your Business Page and Contribute to Other Business Pages
Within Facebook, you now have the ability to “like” pages and comment on other business pages as your business. This will help you spread the word about your brand and also get your page noticed.  Just remember to add value to anyone else’s pages that you are commenting on and don’t spam by posting links to your own page or site (at least not on a regular basis). Put some thought into your contributions- remember that other small businesses are usually in the same boat.  If you make meaningful comments on the posts of other businesses, they may take the time to check out your page.  The aim is to get followers, not to annoy people.

Add the Facebook Badge
One good way to gain fans is to have a Facebook badge on your website. Ideally, the badge should be placed at the top or right side of your site as people will click it while reading down the page. Whether or not you want to show people’s faces and your timeline on the badge is a personal choice- you do have options.  Get your badge here:  www.facebook.com/badges

Add Your Page to Your Other Social Media Profiles
Include a link on social media sites that allow you to post more than one URL on your profile.  LinkedIn allows this as does StumbleUpon, to name a couple. You may also want to include a link to your Facebook page on your Twitter bio.  Tweeting a link to your Facebook page on a regular basis can also net you some fans over time.

Join LinkedIn Groups
Many LinkedIn groups have an ongoing discussion thread that encourages members to share their Facebook business pages. This is a great way for you to find Facebook pages to “like” as well as make others aware of your Facebook page.

Create Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads can be inexpensive and very targeted. All you need is a credit card and a daily budget. You can set up the ads to appear to people in a specific area, a specific age range and with specific keywords. Facebook Ads can be set up to say whatever you want, albeit in an abbreviated format.  Find out more about Facebook ads here:  www.facebook.com/Ads

Include It on Your Business Card and Email Signature
Put a link to your Facebook page on your business card and in your email signatures. Even though Facebook is a social media site, some people use it to bookmark their favorite brands and products.  Next time you are due for a reprint of business cards, add your Facebook page URL and change your email signature today.